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Our goal is not focused on taking people out of their community, but rather is based on meeting people where they are through what we call “in-reach”. Through in-reach, we go directly to people in their own neighborhood and meet with them at or near their own homes. The result? A powerful level of comfort that enables the Dream Center to build relationships that wouldn’t happen if we were trying to make personal connections with individuals in a foreign environment.

In-reach is centered around two components:


First, our heart is to get to know individuals, families, and the community by being who God designed us to be. We don’t wear masks.

Weekly Consistency

The second is consistency in our approach. By making a commitment that we will be in the neighborhood on a weekly basis, trust is developed as people see that the Dream Center is faithful in doing what we say we are going to do.

Our Outreach Programs


This is our core ministry which other ministries come out of or sow into. It is all about being consistent and showing up week after week, building new relationships, and deepening existing relationships.


We believe the food ministry is much more than just the “tangible” act of giving food…but a tool to actually bring the TRUTH of Jesus Christ by meeting a basic need! This is why we exist…”Find a need fill it, Find a hurt heal it!”


We deliver mattresses and other requested items that have been donated to families. This allows time for ministry to take place in each home.


A community event brings people together, provokes excitement, and breaks the ice for relationships. It is a powerful platform where anyone can get involved, make a difference, and have fun!