Our Impact

The Bible says, “Jesus left the 99 sheep for the 1 lost sheep.”  It was God reflecting his heart that there is a massive need world wide with millions of people needing his love, but while also reflecting his heart to relate to us in a personal relationship as our own unique person.  God is personal and about personal individual relationships.  It is our heart to continue to reflect God the best we can to continue to be personal with people and build last relationships and serve people as individuals!

While it is our heart to operate this way as we connect with individuals, families, and communities in our city, this individual approach, begins to add up and have a multiplication effect on how many people get impacted.  It will continue to be our heart to invest into and build up as many people as God allows.  So as stewards of this great mission, we become better at what we do, when we know what we are doing and how much of it we are doing.  Below reflects the amount of impact in 2016 through September 1st.


made a decision for Jesus Christ

As we deepen trust with our levels of impact, we want people to be able to have an opportunity to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  So as the Lord leads and opens doors, when appropriate, we share the message of the Gospel and offer people a decision for Jesus Christ.



The pounds of food delivered have impacted about 425 families.  What we feel God is showing us is that we will be reaching 25-50 families per week in 2017.  That has a total potential of 1,200 – 2,400 people for 2017 totaling around 138,000 – 276,000 pounds of food!


FAMILIES REACHED Through Bed delivery

Many families have lots of common household necessities.  We have been able to partner with families to be responsive to such needs.  One of the most common basic needs that has emerged in communities in our city has been the need for a bed.  It was never our plan, but through a partnership that emerged with a furniture company, we have been able to faithfully provide beds for families sleeping on floors or who have lost beds due to bed bugs.  


Total VOLUNTEERS Have served

We have 3 levels that someone can serve, they can serve on weekly basis at our weekly platforms, or they can serve monthly or annually at an event or serve project.  We have had a total 200 different people serve and get involved at one of these levels.  We average between 30-60 committed volunteers per week in the different areas!

“Because of the Dream Center, I am a better person”
– Naomi

How Dream Center Has Impacted Those in Our Community

Israel & Eric

Every one of us has hopes and dreams for our life and a young man that the Grand Rapids Dream Center met named Israel is no exception.  He aspires to one day be a licensed pilot.  The Dream Center discovered that, although he has previously flown in a commercial jet, he had never been in a private plane or had the opportunity to sit in a cockpit to get a personal encounter with what it might be like to be in control of flying an aircraft.  Through our network, the Dream Center was able to introduce Israel and his cousin Eric to a pilot that owns his own plane and flies regularly for both personal and private business purposes.  The meeting was not going to be a simple show-and-tell opportunity, but rather a life-changing experience that Israel and Eric would never forget!