Mission:  Grand Rapids Dream Center is a movement that builds trusted relationships through authencity and weekly consistency
inside the communities of our city.

Our Purpose: Our heart is to lead people into a totally committed
relationship with Christ.

How:  The Dream Center has been focused on building a
relationship with our city and communities by being focused on
getting to know our city more and getting to know the
communities more.
How we do that:

Assistance – Meeting needs, starting relationships.

-Mobile Food and Bed Deliveries 

Community – Growing relationship and doing life together.  

-Adopt-a-block community night impacts, Open gym & annual events

Teaching –  Transformative relationship from learning.  

-Powerhouse Sidewalk Sunday School, four Bible Studies, World Changers, Next Generation World Changers, Ministry Training and Equipping.

Service  –  Impactful relationships that gives back.

-Saturday Serve Events, Service Projects, Community Clean Ups, Weekly serving.

A.C.T.S. = ACTIVATION – Through this model we see people equipped, and empowered to be activated in their purposes; to make a difference in our city and world!