Mission:  Grand Rapids Dream Center is a movement that builds trusted relationships through authencity and weekly consistency
inside the communities of our city.

Our Purpose: Our heart is to lead people into a totally committed
relationship with Christ.

How:  The Dream Center has been focused on building a
relationship with our city and communities by being focused on
getting to know our city more and getting to know the
communities more.
How have we done that, is by taking personal interest in the
individuals and families in our city’s communities by showing we
really care by getting to know people and responding to our
relationships by how can we be a blessing or love on people or be
responsive to the community collectively as well.
We have built trust in the communities we serve in because we
are committed to being consistent serving every week and/or
many times daily.
Why are we motivated?  We love people for who they are no
matter where they are.  We want to be committed to long-term
relationships to make a difference.  It’s the love of God.  We
definitely want to talk about Gods love and by being committed,
we want to humbly seek to show people by action we care.  We
believe we have been creating multiple platforms where anyone
can be involved and make a difference!