Get Involved

First and foremost, thank you for your advocacy of the Grand Rapids Dream Center! The Dream Center’s operations are team effort through different levels of impact and involvement!  We believe our mission is further expand platforms so God’s people can do what they were created to do, serve and invest into people’s lives!  It is our desire that you hold the Grand Rapids Dream Center in your prayers and that you consider how you may be able to get involved with the Dream Center to help us be a positive impact in transforming lives within our city.

There are several ways you can give into Grand Rapids Dream Center:

“The neighborhood has truly been transforming from the work of the Dream Center!”

– Grand Rapids City Resident


The Dream Center’s mission of helping people is rewarding and can be labor intensive.  The level of impact is a direct result of our passionate volunteers and leaders who invest their time in multiple places week after week or month after month!  If you would be interested in becoming a Grand Rapids Dream Center volunteer, please contact us by clicking below.

2)  GIVE:  

Equally as important as the time investment of boots on the ground on the frontlines, is the resourcing that provides the spring board to make this happen.  There is no mobilization without the funding that makes this possible.  To get involved with a financial contribution, please click below.