I.D. Crew

Who is I.D. Crew?

I.D. Crew is a group of deeply passionate, highly motivated, individuals using creative expression through events to draw attention to the message of Jesus Christ.

Events – We hold events to orchestrate dynamic demonstrations for communities, organizations, schools, and churches, in order to share the good news and create an opportunity for people to come into a relationship with Christ.

Expression – We use many expressions of dance, music, media, and athleticism to communicate the dynamic message of freedom through Christ.

Motivation – We provide motivational and inspirational events within the community and schools.  Using effective media and creative expression we seek to reach the youth of this generation.  Through organizational and school partnerships we are able to bring a dynamic message with a positive impact.

Mission Goal – To bring our events to people of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds, anywhere in the world, with God’s leading.

Mentorship – Using our training in ministry, leadership, dance, music, athletics, and coaching, we seek to motivate and inspire students through a community outreach center, in order to provide a social atmosphere where students can participate in learning the various forms of creative expression, while receiving positive mentoring.