Open Gym

Open Gym:

In many communities, there are different levels of connection and impact that speak to people in a neighborhood or area.  We discovered quickly, that basketball was like the dominant language of most men and young men in many of the communities of our city!  Our heart and vision is that “Open Gym” would be a platform for guys to connect to guys.

There are 5 things we hope to happen through this outlet of connection:

  1. 1) Lasting relationships formed.
  2. 2) More experienced men would connect and influence younger men.
  3. 3) Positive environment would be created through true character and sportsmanship demonstrated by volunteers who play basketball in this ministry.
  4. 4) Good clean, competitive basketball would take place.
  5. 5) Character lessons would be developed through playing basketball and hearing the weekly teaching nugget.

Summer Schedule:  Every Saturday from 11 am-1 pm June through August at the Gerald R. Ford Academic Center (851 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, gym entrance is in back of the school).

Fall-Winter Schedule:  Every Saturday from 12 -2 pm October through April at the Gerald R. Ford Academic Center during (851 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, gym entrance is in back of the school).

Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp:

This summer, we kicked off our first annual Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp in June!  The vision was fueled by a dream of a local community driven basketball camp.  It lifted off the ground last October with a group of young men from the city, the Dream Center, Mark Zicherman, and Bob Vandepol.  The committee came together in partnership with Gerald R. Ford Academic Center to an outdoor/indoor camp for 8th-12th grade young men.  The vision grew a steady group of local leaders and organizations from our city and the basketball community that partnered for an impactful camp this year!  The camp was fun and challenging in the skill set of basketball while also being a life changing event!  We see this camp continuing to have a community and city wide impact for years to come!

To get involved with our weekly Open Gym or sign up to be a part of Hoop Dreams 2017, just click below.