Serve Projects


Jesus was such an amazing example of not just word, but of deed by serving and being among people.  What a precious heart to take the humble posture to humanity.  “I must decrease so He (The Father) can increase, the greatest among you is the servant, the last will be first and the first last”.  He lovingly modeled the low position by washing the disciples feet.  Why?  Pure love. Not having any sense of entitlement or being above any task or person to show genuine love and care.

The Bible describes God’s people like a body.  Some with visual outward functions that are more seen, yet indisputable and necessary parts that are unseen that the body can’t function without.  It actually describes the body suffering when even a lowly part is in pain or hurt.  This just describes the importance of how everyone has a part to play in the harvest field.  God needs His laborers for the harvest!  Every part of the body counts and makes a difference!

That is what is so unique about serve projects. There are so many various tasks to be done and they can really help empower a family and make them feel so loved!

We have a variety of different serve projects ranging from lawn care, snow removal, landscape, home repair, yard clean up, etc.  This happens weekly in our Adopt-a-Blocks as well as bigger group efforts with church groups or corporate volunteer projects.  If you have a heart for church group serve project, please contact  If you have a heart for a corporate serve project or grant, please contact  For general interest in serve projects, please click below!